cro-magnon channel

cro-magnon “bonita” from the album 『V』

cro-magnon feat. DJ JIN from RHYMESTER / Cro-Magnon-Jin from the album 『The New Discovery』

cro-magnon “Midnight Magic feat. Roy Ayers” from the album 『4U』

cro-magnon feat. Asako Toki “Crystal Girl” from the album 『THE BEST』

cro-magnon “Tokyo Times feat. Yohei Miyake” from the album 『4U』

cro-magnon “Riding the Storm” from the album 『Great Triangle』

cro-magnon new album “cro-magnon city” release tour 2019.5.2 別府Roots

BEERSHOT.TV vol.76 -2nd set- [Live: cro-magnon session with D.L.I.P.] at 渋谷 THEROOM

cro-magnon orchestra – 逆襲のテーマ @ りんご音楽祭2014